The miracle born
from a cutting-edge medical research site.

The opportunity started from the laboratory.

Our cosmetics is used a technology that has succeeded in applying a technology to transform undifferentiated cancer cells (cancer stem cells) into normal stem cells using human microRNAs while medical doctor Dr. Miura is conducting cancer treatment research make.
As a related art, administration of a specific small molecule compound stimulates the generation of endogenous microRNA, repairs DNA damage in senescent cells, and leads to stem cell derivatization or mesenchymal effect through cell reprogramming effect by demethylation.

There is a patented technology that stems into stem cells (MSC) and, depending on conditions, iPS.
The action of this patented technology shows that in the cells that make up the epidermis, mainly well-differentiated senescent cells are transformed MSC, thereby regenerating as younger normal cells than before.
In addition, it is known that when this technology is used on normal cells, it suppresses canceration and induces cell death through a certain cycle in which old cells are rejuvenated at a constant rate and recovering function.

These results demonstrate that, as compared to normal cells, they maintain normal function and extend their lifespan without canceration.
This just shows that the anti-aging effect of the skin cell.
And we thought that this action could be applied to anti-aging cosmetics.
In commercializing this technology, it was necessary to evaluate whether the component could reach the target of fibroblasts in the dermis and act properly beyond the epidermis.
It has been found that this can be achieved by removing sebum dirt from the pores and creating a state in which the ingredients can penetrate.
Based on all the results, I thought that the maximum effect could be obtained at the three points of the skin wash stain, the pigment containing “Rejuve Serum”, and the cosmetic solution that protects the skin.
And it is “LIVIUS skin care system” that was developed.

Brand Concept


The LIVIUS brand logo is a graphic representation of the lively appearance of the rejuvenated Muse cell.
And “LIVIUS” expresses the mystery of life and our future.

Our Policy

People are benefiting from the beauty, medicine, and pharmacy that are evolving every day.
We want to bring to fruition in this modern society the feelings that people from all over the world, such as Western medicine, Oriental medicine, and Kampo have continued to pursue health and beauty.
We believe that researching various theories and technologies without distinction and fully verifying what works properly will lead to a completely new approach to the human body.
LIVIUS is a cosmetic product, but the root of its support is nothing other than a serious research process in the medical research field, the serendipity that was born from it, and a verification process that connected its coincidence.
And in the future, it will be applied to medical fields other than beauty, such as people suffering from atopic dermatitis and wound healing in plastic surgery.
We will extend the wonderful achievements ahead of this world to the world in the name of LIVIUS, and promise to keep the skin of people around the world bright, fresh and beautiful. And that is another big goal we aim for.
We are convinced that it will be a greater pleasure when people look forward with smiles and realize that they are mentally beautiful.