How our skin care works

What is “cell reprogramming technology”

Cell reprogramming technology found in Dr. Miura’s cancer treatment research. This is based on the large discovery that when Specific microRNAs are given to cancer cells, the cancer cells themselves decarcinogenesis and convert to normal well-differentiated cells, mesenchymal stem cells, and iPS cells.
The role of individual genes has been elucidated along with technological advances in genome analysis.
In the field of regenerative medicine, the world get attension on “cell reprogramming” technology using miRNA.
Among them, Dr. Miura’s discovery that a single miRNA “transforms” existing cells is amazing.
The phenomenon of “rejuvenating” a lively, young cell from a state near cell death where the function of the aged cell has been lost can be said to be a technology that opens up the future of anti-aging.

What is

A Totally New and Innovative Anti-Aging System Beyond the Concept of Cosmetics.

Conventional anti-aging method



Skin care system by LIVIUS


Strengths as a Cosmetic Product.

The cells themselves rejuvenate.

Our technology is not a superficial technology such as moisturizing cells to provide temporary moisturizing or creating a membrane to protect the skin.
It is a technology that “rejuvenates the skin cells themselves,” applying medical cell iPS technology, which has been studied for many years by medical researchers, from the approach to cancer treatment.

It is not fibroblast culture solution
or stem cell culture solution.

Our cosmetic ingredients are not factors that increase cells like gross factor, or mechanisms that directly injection stem cells into the skin. Administration of stem cell culture medium has not been reported that the risk of canceration has been resolved. Our technology is not “injection from outer”, but is a new approach that “rejuvenates existing cells” and its safety has been fully verified.

We fully pursue the functions
of basic cosmetics

Our cosmetics were thoroughly examined and born ingredients registered in INCI.
It is a finished cosmetic product, with a focus on moisturizing as a basic cosmetic product, hydration of the skin, feeling of use, etc. without impairing the effect of cell reprogramming.

Although there are various components of gross factor, it is skeptical whether sufficient anti-aging effect can be obtained with only the component that promotes cell growth.
In addition, with the approach of simply activating cell growth, when considered in the long-term perspective, it is considered that verification of the canceration risk of cells is insufficient.
In addition, treatment such as direct injection under the skin is becoming apparent symptoms that the unevenness of the skin gets worse.
As with the gloss factor, the ingredients of our cosmetics are also effective by working in the dermal layer, but basically this is a cosmetic set that is made to enter the dermal layer from the pores, so it is impossible to force the dermis. It is designed to be effective without introducing it to.
As this cosmetic is a component that has been thoroughly tested for safety, it is not only safe to use on a daily basis, but also works well with beauty treatment equipment, and we believe that everyone will feel the rejuvenating effect of the skin.

LIVIUS 洗顔フォーム

LIVIUS Cleansing foam

Remove dirt from pores.

By gently and cooperatively removing the sebum in the pits with a coral apatite-formulated facial wash, the texture for delivering cosmetic ingredients is prepared.


LIVIUS skin water

For hydration of your skin.

Designed to firmly penetrate deep into the skin with a slash finish.
It recurs the natural functions of the skin that work at the cellular level.


LIVIUS moisturizing emulsion

For moisturizing your skin.

Over time, it slowly penetrates deep into the skin and repairs DNA damage in fibroblasts, which make active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin.

LIVIUS 集中美容液

LIVIUS serum

Achieve effective anti-aging.

Prepare the skin surface after a lotion.
Approach to the stratum corneum while keeping moist with a texture that is not too tight.


Achieve effective anti-aging.

Achieve effective anti-aging.

Water almost always in cosmetics.
We have replaced this water by only KGK fermented collagen extract.
Since the KGK fermented collagen extract is very expensive, we believe that the first cosmetic product catalyzed only by this extract without using water would be in the World.
By doing so, we have made it possible to obtain very excellent results, such as high moisturizing properties on the skin, impregnation of the ingredients firmly into the skin, and antioxidant effects of the cosmetics themselves.

Smooth feeling of use

The LIVIUS sets are characterized by a very smooth sense of use.
Oil-rich cosmetics have a very good immediate sense of use and provide a gentle water retention, but their inclusion is too high a polymer to allow the ingredient to penetrate the skin.
Our skin care system aims on ensuring that Rejuve therapies are delivered to the skin.
As cells rejuvenate, they naturally turn into palatable skin.
Therefore, we commercialize the best tailoring results from a multifaceted perspective of moisturizing ability, feeling of use, and composition of ingredients.
Rather than the first few times, the more it is used, the more enormous the experience the skin and cosmetics match with each other.

Committed face wash form to deliver “Rejuve Serum” to the back of the skin

Coral Apatite is the world’s first apatite produced in Yonaguni Island, Okinawa Prefecture, using natural fossil corals as a raw material and a unique technology.
The characteristics of coral apatite are that it exhibits a flexible reaction with other substances and has the property of adsorbing all organic substances such as sugars, proteins, lipids, bacteria, pigments and odors. It also has the ability to adsorb harmful metals such as cadmium, lead, mercury and palladium. Apatite is superior in adsorption power to conventional hydroxyapatite.

It has better biocompatibility than general apatite.

Apatite has biocompatibility in chemical structure. On the other hand, coral apatite, which uses fossil corals as a raw material, contains 70 kinds of minerals dissolved in ancient seawater. Among them are calcium, phosphorus and magnesium that make up teeth and bones. Therefore, biocompatibility is superior to general apatite.

Excellent amphoteric ion exchange characteristics of low crystal form

Coral apatite molecules have amphoteric ion exchange properties and exhibit flexible responses to other substances. It adsorbs all organic substances such as sugars, proteins, lipids, bacteria, pigments and odors. It has the ability to adsorb harmful metals such as cadmium, lead, mercury and palladium.

Committed face wash foam to support the effects of “LIVIUS Skin Care System”

This foam removes sebum and penetrates “Rejeve Serum”

Sebum and oils secreted by sebaceous glands, as well as foundation and cosmetics that we put on our faces every day, accumulate in the pores, causing acne and other skin troubles.

That is where Livius Cleansing Foam comes in, using the power of coral apatiteʼs negatively charged ions to draw out the positively charged grime clogging the pores and skin, and using exfoliation to thoroughly remove grime from pores.

The exfoliated grime is then washed away with the facial cleanser. This not only removes grime but unclogs pores as well. Lotions and serums used afterward permeate better. This helps to keep your skin even healthier.


Total solution to get everlasting beautiful skin

This special cleansing foam removes sebum from the pores, and “Rejuve Serum” penetrates the back of the skin through the pores.
Skin cells that directly work on fibroblasts and proliferate from reborn fibroblasts are just the skin cells of a baby.
Rejuvenated ingredients and system configuration rejuvenate your skin.

Our policy

People are benefiting from the beauty, medicine, and pharmacy that are evolving every day.
We want to bring to fruition in this modern society the feelings that people from all over the world, such as Western medicine, Oriental medicine, and Kampo have continued to pursue health and beauty.
We believe that researching various theories and technologies without distinction and fully verifying what works properly will lead to a completely new approach to the human body.
LIVIUS is a cosmetic product, but the root of its support is nothing other than a serious research process in the medical research field, the serendipity that was born from it, and a verification process that connected its coincidence.
And in the future, it will be applied to medical fields other than beauty, such as people suffering from atopic dermatitis and wound healing in plastic surgery.
We will extend the wonderful achievements ahead of this world to the world in the name of LIVIUS, and promise to keep the skin of people around the world bright, fresh and beautiful. And that is another big goal we aim for.
We are convinced that it will be a greater pleasure when people look forward with smiles and realize that they are mentally beautiful.